Thursday, October 1, 2009


YELLOW mix from Drop.IO

OK as you can see I've been a little obsessed with making these I can't stop. Now... this mix is a little longer then the others, I personally think its overkilled. I think this one is a lot more POPPY & AGGRESIVE, on the plus side it does have more of a solid feel to it for sure. Unfortunately I don't think it is as diverse as the others, this one tends to have a lot of punk and grunge on it. I did put a song on here that I just think is purely ridiculous... again DO ENJOY!

Side A: (track 1) TRT: 45:23
Decahedron- Burning Lights
The Del-Byzanteens- My Hands Are Yellow (From The Job That I Do)
Patti Smith- Pissing in a River
Babbletron- Space Tech Banana Clip
Melt-Banana- Free The Bee
Melvins- Honey Bucket
Pinhead Gunpowder- Big Yellow Taxi
The Monorchid- Beard of Bees
Deerhoof- Flower
Nirvana- Beeswax
Lungfish- Yellow Sun
Jesu- Star
Blonde Redhead- Four Damaged Lemons (Third Eye Foundation Remix)

Side B: (track 2) TRT: 49:02
Bonobo- Light Pattern
Da Ruckus & Eminem- We Shine
Xiu Xiu- Hives Hives
Circus Mort- Yellow Light
Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Art Star
Crownhate Ruin- Piss Alley
Free Kitten- Bananas
Old Man Gloom- Sonic Wave Of Bees
Portishead- Wandering Star
Brotha Lynch Hung- Rest In Piss
Cows- Yellowbelly
Cranes- Lemon Tree
Brick Layer Cake- Stars

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