Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Download RED from Drop.IO

OK to be honest there are some awesome songs on here that I was looking forward to put on this, which is great but I was way more excited for "EXCLUSIVE DER MIX" I'll talk more about that in its own entry. I'm sure you've noticed the time length in this is not as consistent as the others, well thats because I did a whole other red mix with a different feel, but I've made a few others that are going to be this short as well... personally some of the others are a lot longer then I attended them to be, but for this concept it was kind of hard to turn down some of the songs, and there actually was some good songs on a lot of these that didn't make it. I do plan to use those other songs on different mixes for certain reasons.

Side A: (track 1) TRT: 32:33
Shudder to Think- Red House
The Beauty Pill- The Idiot Heart
Blockhead- Roll Out the Red Carpet
Innermitten Music- Bloodstained Fist
Bad Brains- Redbone in the City
Minor Threat- Seeing Red
Sweep the Leg Johnny- Bloodlines
Blood of Abraham- Devil's Get No Dap
Mule- I'm Hell

Side B: (track 2) TRT: 32:14
Invincible- State of Emergency
Marnie Stern- The Devil is in the Details
Regulator Watts- Pemberton Red
Babbletron- Don't Stop
The Cardigans- Junk of the Heart
El-P- Blood
Sunny Day Real Estate- Red Elephant
Red Eyed Legends- Red Mustache
Hella- The Devil Isn't Red

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