Tuesday, October 13, 2009

DER (exclusive)

Download "EXCUSIVE" Blood Der from Drop.IO

So I originally made this for the week of Halloween but I am going to be out of town that week. So I though I'd post this a little early. It might be a little while before I post some of the others. This was considered an EXCLUSIVE MIX because this isn't just a color concept it's also an evil blood concept and thats because a lot of these songs have a dark and Erie feel to it... so I thought it deserved its own mix. These are actually the kinda bands I am really into and I listen to a lot of this stuff, I had to be fair on what I put on this one. I didn't want this to just be all Goth or Metal so I thought I'd give it a little both. I hope I gave it a pretty good flow. I finally got to put a song from one of my all time favorite bands let alone favorite album and that is Swans the very last song on this mix. Oh and check out that time code, yup thats real son. Sorry, I know some Goth kids who cant stand Metal and I know Metal dudes who cant stand Goth... share you evil assholes.

DER (Devils Blood Excusive): TRT- 66:06
Neurosis- Through Silver in Blood
Siouxsie & The Banshees- Sin In My Heart
Gore- Out For Blood
Ciccone Youth- Children of Satan
Harvey Milk- Roses
Jarboe- Red
Ink & Dagger- Road to Hell
Misfits- All Hell Breaks Loose
Isis- Red Sea
Grails- Redlight
Lydia Lunch- Blood of Tin
Slayer- Blood Red
SWANS- Blood Promise

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