Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Download RAINBOW from Drop.IO

I don't have much to say here but.... EPIC!!! I'm getting this mix-tape skill on LOCK. Lets just hope the next mix (which will be the very last of this series) will be as good. I'm gonna miss these, but I will still be doing mixes I'm just gonna do random, obscure, genre based mixes. I don't know, who knows?.... anyways this one is seriously one of the best ones out of these, as far as the flow of it and diversity in genre... for sure fits its concept.

Side A- (track 1) TRT: 37:33
Arco Iris- Y Ahora Soy
The Anonymous & Eminem- Green & Gold
Marnie Stern- Patterns of a Diamond Ceiling
Boris w/ Michio Kurihara- Rainbow
Project Polaroid- Diamond District
Joanna Newsom- Peach Plum Pear
Zomes- Colored Matter
Haymarket Riot- Technicolor Bombs
Jejune- Grey Scale
Dio- Rainbow In The Dark

Side B- (track 2) TRT: 37:13
YMCK- Yellow, Magenta, Cyan & Black (Intro)
Me First & The Gimme Gimmes- Rainbow Connection
Bellini- Spilled Red Salsa in Black Coffee
Limp Wrist- Rainbows
Battles- Prismism
EL-P- Lazerface's Warning
Fridge- Ark pt.1
Karate- Colors
The Ex- Prism Song
Akron/Family- There's So Many Colors
Blockhead- Coloring Book
(special hidden track)