Wednesday, October 7, 2009


BROWN mix from Drop.IO

EHHH... I feel like some of my key words for this where a little ridiculous. All the decent songs that went well with each other had some sort of absurd word in its title. Don't get me wrong I definitely was looking forward to making this for that reason. I will say this one has more of a groove to it, a little more hip-hop then some of the others. I was happy to put one of my childhood friend's Hip-Hop group 101 from Detroit on this mix. It's the 2nd song and one of my favorites. I hope some of you enjoy this mix. I really try to make these as diverse as possible to maybe try and open some minds... even my own mind. A lot of these bands on these mix-tape's I haven't listened too or heard in years some even since High School, it's good to revisit that sometimes.

Side A: (track 1) TRT- 41:23
Deerhoof- Choco Fight
101- Call This Shit Hip-Hop
Godflesh-Circle of Shit
Sonic Youth- Dirty Boots
Jay-Z- Dirt Off Your Shoulder (Rjd2 Remix)
Q and not U- A Line in Sand
Red Light Sting- Cork Up The Stink
Ol' Dirty Bastard- Dog Shit
Shellac- Copper
Drive Like Jehu- Golden Brown
Nation of Ulysses- Hot Chocolate City
Sand- Sand

Side B: (track 2) TRT- 41:26
Tortoise & The Ex- Pooh Song
Jedi Mind Tricks & Chief Kamachi- The Deer Hunter
Coalesce- Next on the Shit List
Karp- We Ate Sand
The Stooges- Dirt
D12- I Shit on You
Bellini- Patience and Passion in Brown Gloves
U.S. Maple- I'm Just a Bag
Jaks- Spitmudd
Aesop Rock- Coffee

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