Tuesday, November 24, 2009


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I originally was not going to do a WHITE mix. It was something I was debating about within myself because of a silly reason. A friend of mine Matt Carter asked me if I was going to do a WHITE mix, I replied NO and he was a little disappointed. Matt's early art work had a feel of mockery to the Masculinity in White Supremacy by doing very detailed "Nazi Glitter" portraits. SO happens his Birthday is coming up on December 5th SO I went ahead and did this just for him. The Michael Jackson glove is a perfect homage and tribute to the perversion of Matt's art from my perspective... actually the first song on here is about Michale Jackson. Shockingly this mix came out really awesome. 2 of my all time favorite songs appear on this, which are the first 2 songs on [side a] but besides those, The rest of this mix has a very "Barbaric/Retro Futuristic" feel to it: sounds of a Tasmanians frustration with laser guns & robots... if that makes any sense? So basically its a pretty HEAVY one. 1st mix without any hip-hop but I think the bit of synthesizing sounds that appears on this makes up for that a little. Happy Birthday Matt! here is your demented WHITE mix ENJOY!

Side A- (track) TRT: 41:41
M. Gira- Michael's White Hands (Acoustic)
Nirvana- Milk It
Beauty Pill- Bone White Crown Victorian
Refused- Faculties Of The Skull
Devo- Snowball
Big Business- White Pizazz
Bikini Kill- Sugar
Clutch- Milk Of Human Kindness
Mule- What Every White Honky Knows
Tortoise- Salt The Skies

Side B- (track 2) TRT: 40:14
Botch- To Our Friends In The Great White North
Oxbow- Me and the Moon
The Contortions- White Devil
Opal Foxx Quartet- Clean White Bed
Earth- Hung From The Moon
Zao- Skin Like Winter
Training For Utopia- White Boy's Burden
Sauce Patch- Mayonnaise Tuxedo
Ten Masked Men- White Wedding

Sunday, November 15, 2009


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OK I re-wrote my though on this... For some reason I thought this was really Poppy at first, but I'm listening to side B and its pretty aggressive at times. This mix is way more up beat then some others, So for me its a lot POP for my taste. Again the exercise and challenge to making these mixes with its limitations "based off of its theme" is to open my horizon a little ha ha ha. I'm not a music snob I truly try my hardest to appreciate something in all music... maybe jaded or bitter with it momentarily. There are very few newer artist who have caught my attention unless they're older cats from an already established band (from a time period before 2000) that is still doing stuff with newer artist... Like I said I'm trying to be positive about everything and give a lot of stuff a chance, no need for limitations.

Side A- (track 1) TRT: 35:15
Fugazi- Pink Frosty [demo]
Talking Heads- Sugar on my Tongue
Pitchfork- Burn Pigs Burn
Boris- Pink
Buzzcocks- Lipstick
Deadguy- Human Pig
Weezer- Pink Triangle
The Queers- Pretty Flamingo
Skull Kontrol- Pigs in Heat
Pg.99- Humans with Forked Tongues
Of Montreal- Tulip Baroo
The Cure- Meathook

Side B- (track 2) TRT: 36:35
Alan Finger [Zach Galifianakis/Fiona Apple/Jon Brion]- Up In Them Gutz
Black Moth Super Rainbow- Spinning Cotton Candy in a Shack
Madvillain- Meat Grinder (Four-Tet Remix)
Rye Coalition- The Lipstick Game
The Vaselines- Molly's Lips
Red Aim- Phoenicopterus/Ruber Ruber
Agoraphobic Nosebleed- Flamingo Snuff
Jesus Lizard- Puss
Melvins- Pigs Don't Let It
Violent Femmes- Flamingo Baby
Chase Phoenix- Sticky Pigs Feet
Cake- War Pigs

Thursday, November 12, 2009


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I apologize for the lag time on this one. I was out of town for a little bit and when I came back 2 weeks ago I started this, then I had some issues with my computer so it took a little longer for that reason. I'd like to start off by saying this mix has a real smooth feel to it, its real chill and has a bit of a slow groove, not as ROCK as the other ones, there is a little on there though. side A is a bit smooth and electronic as in hip-hop/trip hop sounding majority of the time. Then side B is a little more natural, folky and acoustic at times... so this mix is real chill. I hope you enjoy it.

Side A- (track 1) TRT: 42:45
Shocking Blue- Love Buzz
Dr. Octagon- Blue Flowers
Michael Gira & Dan Matz- Cold Creeping
Nostalgia 77- Rain Walk
Ulan Bator- Sea Room
Grails- Reincarnation Blues
David Bowie- She Shook Me Cold
Atrocity- Blue Blood
Gang Gang Dance- Blue Nile
(Team Doyobi Intro) & NWA- Fuck the Police
Fugazi- Great Cop

Side B- (track 2) TRT: 40:11
Lungfish- Blue Sky
Denison Kimball Trio- Passing Blue
Smoke- When It Rains
Sean Madigan Hoen- Cold
Fire on Fire- Hartford Blue
Nymb- The Vida Blue
Circus Lupus- Blue Baby
Swing Kids- Blue Note
Dead Prez- Police State
Blue Scholars- Bruise Brothers
Arsenal- Big Sky