Saturday, October 3, 2009


PURPLE mix from Drop.IO

DAMN I'M GOOD! I didn't even have to use "Prince's Purple Rain or Hendrix's Purple Haze" (even though I do love those songs) I really do try and stay away from the obvious classics, this color was INSANELY hard. I am really proud of this one because of the challenge. This mix is pretty diverse in sound and genre. The flow of it is not that bad either... not the best but still pretty good.

Side A: (track 1) TRT: (46:45)
Blacktop Cadence- Last Night... After I Bought the Wine
Moss Icon- The Life or This Grape’s Juice Drink
K.M.D.- Sweet Premium Wine
Heernt- Sea Urchin. See Urchin Run
Dead Milkmen- Plum Dumb
Quix O Tic- Heliotrope
Rubbabandz- Bag of Purple Rain
Milemarker- Sex Jam Two
Abe Vigoda- Hyacinth Grrls
Cephalectomy- The Urchin Peel
Nina Simone- Lilac Wine
Michael Gira- Purple Creek
These Arms Are Snakes- Riding The Grape Dragon

Side B: (track 2) TRT: 48:08
Nas- Purple
Primus- Over the Electric Grapevine
The Flaming Lips- She Don't Use Jelly
Neu!- Lila Engel (Lilac Angel)
Dinosaur Jr.- Turnip Farm
Neptune- Purple Sleep
Redman- Jam 4 U
At The Drive-In- Heliotrope
M83- Violet Tree
Jarboe- Lavender Girl
Danzig- The Violet Fire

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