Tuesday, November 24, 2009


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I originally was not going to do a WHITE mix. It was something I was debating about within myself because of a silly reason. A friend of mine Matt Carter asked me if I was going to do a WHITE mix, I replied NO and he was a little disappointed. Matt's early art work had a feel of mockery to the Masculinity in White Supremacy by doing very detailed "Nazi Glitter" portraits. SO happens his Birthday is coming up on December 5th SO I went ahead and did this just for him. The Michael Jackson glove is a perfect homage and tribute to the perversion of Matt's art from my perspective... actually the first song on here is about Michale Jackson. Shockingly this mix came out really awesome. 2 of my all time favorite songs appear on this, which are the first 2 songs on [side a] but besides those, The rest of this mix has a very "Barbaric/Retro Futuristic" feel to it: sounds of a Tasmanians frustration with laser guns & robots... if that makes any sense? So basically its a pretty HEAVY one. 1st mix without any hip-hop but I think the bit of synthesizing sounds that appears on this makes up for that a little. Happy Birthday Matt! here is your demented WHITE mix ENJOY!

Side A- (track) TRT: 41:41
M. Gira- Michael's White Hands (Acoustic)
Nirvana- Milk It
Beauty Pill- Bone White Crown Victorian
Refused- Faculties Of The Skull
Devo- Snowball
Big Business- White Pizazz
Bikini Kill- Sugar
Clutch- Milk Of Human Kindness
Mule- What Every White Honky Knows
Tortoise- Salt The Skies

Side B- (track 2) TRT: 40:14
Botch- To Our Friends In The Great White North
Oxbow- Me and the Moon
The Contortions- White Devil
Opal Foxx Quartet- Clean White Bed
Earth- Hung From The Moon
Zao- Skin Like Winter
Training For Utopia- White Boy's Burden
Sauce Patch- Mayonnaise Tuxedo
Ten Masked Men- White Wedding

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