Sunday, November 15, 2009


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OK I re-wrote my though on this... For some reason I thought this was really Poppy at first, but I'm listening to side B and its pretty aggressive at times. This mix is way more up beat then some others, So for me its a lot POP for my taste. Again the exercise and challenge to making these mixes with its limitations "based off of its theme" is to open my horizon a little ha ha ha. I'm not a music snob I truly try my hardest to appreciate something in all music... maybe jaded or bitter with it momentarily. There are very few newer artist who have caught my attention unless they're older cats from an already established band (from a time period before 2000) that is still doing stuff with newer artist... Like I said I'm trying to be positive about everything and give a lot of stuff a chance, no need for limitations.

Side A- (track 1) TRT: 35:15
Fugazi- Pink Frosty [demo]
Talking Heads- Sugar on my Tongue
Pitchfork- Burn Pigs Burn
Boris- Pink
Buzzcocks- Lipstick
Deadguy- Human Pig
Weezer- Pink Triangle
The Queers- Pretty Flamingo
Skull Kontrol- Pigs in Heat
Pg.99- Humans with Forked Tongues
Of Montreal- Tulip Baroo
The Cure- Meathook

Side B- (track 2) TRT: 36:35
Alan Finger [Zach Galifianakis/Fiona Apple/Jon Brion]- Up In Them Gutz
Black Moth Super Rainbow- Spinning Cotton Candy in a Shack
Madvillain- Meat Grinder (Four-Tet Remix)
Rye Coalition- The Lipstick Game
The Vaselines- Molly's Lips
Red Aim- Phoenicopterus/Ruber Ruber
Agoraphobic Nosebleed- Flamingo Snuff
Jesus Lizard- Puss
Melvins- Pigs Don't Let It
Violent Femmes- Flamingo Baby
Chase Phoenix- Sticky Pigs Feet
Cake- War Pigs

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