Thursday, November 12, 2009


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I apologize for the lag time on this one. I was out of town for a little bit and when I came back 2 weeks ago I started this, then I had some issues with my computer so it took a little longer for that reason. I'd like to start off by saying this mix has a real smooth feel to it, its real chill and has a bit of a slow groove, not as ROCK as the other ones, there is a little on there though. side A is a bit smooth and electronic as in hip-hop/trip hop sounding majority of the time. Then side B is a little more natural, folky and acoustic at times... so this mix is real chill. I hope you enjoy it.

Side A- (track 1) TRT: 42:45
Shocking Blue- Love Buzz
Dr. Octagon- Blue Flowers
Michael Gira & Dan Matz- Cold Creeping
Nostalgia 77- Rain Walk
Ulan Bator- Sea Room
Grails- Reincarnation Blues
David Bowie- She Shook Me Cold
Atrocity- Blue Blood
Gang Gang Dance- Blue Nile
(Team Doyobi Intro) & NWA- Fuck the Police
Fugazi- Great Cop

Side B- (track 2) TRT: 40:11
Lungfish- Blue Sky
Denison Kimball Trio- Passing Blue
Smoke- When It Rains
Sean Madigan Hoen- Cold
Fire on Fire- Hartford Blue
Nymb- The Vida Blue
Circus Lupus- Blue Baby
Swing Kids- Blue Note
Dead Prez- Police State
Blue Scholars- Bruise Brothers
Arsenal- Big Sky

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