Thursday, May 6, 2010


I put so much time into these and I seriously can say that they're the best mixes I've made for this blog. These are the Mix-Tapes that I made for Mothers Day. I know I'm a few days early as usual, and I know this isn't the idea kinda music to give your Mother ha ha, but I wanted to do something special, Something that reminded me how strong my mom was: for working, taking care of 4 children as a single mother in a mans world. Growing up I saw my Mother as the hardest working and toughest person that I knew, I am extremely grateful for that and I would never wish for anything more. This goes out to you mom (Brenda B) and all of the other hard working mothers out there. Look forward to the 3rd mix to appear next year for Women's History Month

Now on the mix of all Female Emcees... To all the Feminist: I know it's a shame that there is this segregation in Hip-Hop with Gender & Race (the racial thing not as much these days) you still see Women being categorized as a "Female Emcee" or being labeled as a "Femcee" I thought: maybe because you don't see too many Females on the MIC? Or is it because Women are constantly being degraded in mainstream Rap music, so they don't really want much to do with it? Well I did some research and a lot of that is bull shit. They're are a lot of women out there doing this and they're GREAT, just like female Directors. They're just not getting the right recognition in the media nor the underground. So I said fuck it... I'll do an all Female Hip-Hop Mix.

Now I know there are other female Hip-Hop compilations out there and other obscure mixes compiled by other Blogers like The CartWheels On Concrete, that page has a lot up. A few months back I also bough the Fly Girls! B-Boys Beware on vinyl from Soul Jazz Record, that comp basically has a lot old school artist from the 80's, kinda like that Fat Beats & Brastraps Series that came out in the late 90's. I tried to focus on doing mostly underground artist from 1990-2010, some of these artist are recognizable, but the songs I put on by them are just awesome. There are some other mixes that came out with in the past few years like the Queendome Mix that tends to be a little more diverse and obscure then some of the other mass produced compilations.

Ohh and here is a 17 minute short documentary that was directed by Invincible called The Revival: We-B Girlz Hip Hop Tour Documentary featuring B Girl legends: Roxanne Shante, Bahamadia, along with Detroit MC Invincible across Europe on the first We B Girlz European tour. just click on the links.

Anyways I hope you all ENJOY what I put together below...

Side A (track 1) TRT- 39:39
Miz Korona- Take It Back
Roxanne Shanté- Brothas Ain't Shit
Heather B- Da Heartbreaka
Tiye Phoenix- Killin' Everbody
Missy Elliot - Wake Up (Ratatat Remix)
Eternia- Hate
Perseph1- Cue Bueno
MC Lyte- Ain't No Other
Psalm One- You Should Know That
Mizmarvel- Self-Titled
Sonya Blade- Look 4 Tha Name
Invincible- Sledgehammer

Side B (track 2) TRT- 39:50
Lady of Rage- Unfucwitable
Perseph1- Hill House
Apani B- Let Me Know
Invincible- No Compromises
Deadly Venoms- Bomb Threat
Yo-Yo- It's a Long Way Home
Jean Grae- Lights Out
Macromantics- Who Is Your God?
Rah Digga- What's Up Wit That
Eternia- Inspiration
Lin Que- Rip It Up
Bahamadia, K-Swift & Mecca Starr- 3 Tha Hard Way

Side C (track 3) TRT- 41:23
T-Love- 3/4
Apani B & Sara Kana- Spot Me
Penny- The Shift to N
Femme Fetal- 1999
Nikki D- Monday We'll Be Together
Bonnie & Clyde- Homey Don't Play Dat
Eve Of Destruction- Self Titled
Jean Grae- Haters Anthem
Paula Perry- Extra, Extra
Perseph1- Ey You
Anomolies- Ransom Notes
Foxy Brown & Roxanne Shanté- Magnetic (Pharrell Remix)

Side D (track 4) TRT- 39:33
Njeri Earth- Benevolent Lieutenant
Macromantics- Bandwagon
Tiye Phoenix- Stop Right There
Penny- This Order
Deadly Venoms- Queen Bees Connect
Roxanne Shanté- Straight Razor (Large Professor Remix)
Silouette- Rude Girlz
Omega- Self Titled
A-Love- Play It Cool
D.A. Hobo Junction- Oh Yeah
Jane Doe- Bi Sexual
Queen Latifah- UNITY (Big-T Remix)
Nicki D, Paula Perry, Rah Digga, Heather B, Precious P & Bahamadia- Six Pack

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