Monday, September 28, 2009


I uploaded these to 2 different sites just in case.

ORANGE mix from

Here is one of the 1st installments of the mix-tapes I have made for a color concept series. I have been meaning to get started on these for a while now, but I was kinda homeless for the past 2 months. The color concept came from a friend of mine name Jude who as well makes a lot of these. I hope you enjoy this 1st one I did "ORANGE" I chose to do Orange because its almost the right season for that color right now. By the way this is seriously broken down like a cassette tape. The downloads are only 2 tracks for each side A & B.

Side A: (track 1) TRT: 39:09
MF Doom- Orange Blossoms
Black Sabbath- Under The Sun
Uzeda- This Heat
Esham- Sunshine
Young Widows- The Heat is Here
Beastie Boys- Suco De Tangerina
Sonic Youth- Orange Rolls Angels Spits
Notorious B.I.G.- Juicy (Cave Light remix)
Fantomas- Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me
Tricky- Pumpkin
Deerhoof- That Big Orange Sun Run Over Speed Light
Orange 9mm- Cutting and Draining.

Side B: (track 2) TRT: 40:14
Boris- Flower Sun Rain
The Cure- Fire in Cairo
Anti Pop Consortium- Halloween in Babylon
Shannon Wright- Callous Sun
Angels of Light- Dawn
Amboy Dukes- Why is a Carrot More Orange then an Orange?
Cave-In- Fight Fire with Fire
Jucifer- Ideas of Light
Mogwai- The Sun Smells too Loud
Jay-Z & Foxxy Brown- Sunshine (Ratatat Remix)
Dengue Fever- Mr. Orange.

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